Pros and Cons of Social Media For Students

What are the Pros and Cons Of Social Media For Students? That is what I will be answering here. Social Media is becoming part of our day to day activities, and we spend lots of time on it. So this topic is important to be discussed here because we have a relevant and suitable young audience.

The main point is that Use of social media is different for individuals, Many use it in a positive manner while some make use of it for Negative things and others are neutrals. What individual use it for, varies, and that is what makes life a coin.

Pros and Cons of Social Media For Students

If you are in the first category or neutral then no worries, but if you are on the negative side, You need to work on it ASAP. So take a sit, because I am gonna take You through ways you can leverage on the Power of Social Media if you have been using it Negatively.

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Before I move to my main reason for writing this Content. You need to know about some important things, and you will get them all below.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is an online Platform that allows a group of people to communicate with distant relatives, Friends overseas, classmates in High School and Others.

The power of social media in our lives can’t be overlooked, but many are still being affected Negatively with it while some are affected Positively. So what are the Pros and Cons Of Social Media For Students? let’s check it out.

Pros and Cons Of Social Media For Students

To makes things easy and more understandable I am dividing this topic into 2 subsections: Pros of Social Media on Students and Cons of Social Media On Student.

What is Pros Of Social Media On Students

Here You will learn the Advantages of Social Media as Students and How to make the Best out of it. I can testify that social media has it’s own benefits, which I have been leveraging one since six (6) Years ago.

  • Easy Communication: 

It allow people to communicate from the Corners of their rooms, Offices and Conferences. With Social Media, you can communicate with distance relatives easily without visiting. Nothing beat that easy connectivity.

  • Easily Accessible : 

Those days are gone when having access to the Internet is hard. Don’t be suprise if you see a Kid of 12 years having a Facebook account. Easy accessibility makes that Possible.

The Power of social media also allows the user to access infinite of knowledge on their fingertip. It gives a reason to smile in a bad day and also can help you to convert that bad day into something good and little bit positive.

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  • More Exposure:

Leveraging on the Positive use of Social Media gives student more exposure. As  a Nigerian, I get to know more about India, USA and others through  the Positive use of Social media.

With the Power of Social Media, you can know about Countries thousand s of miles away without leaving the four corners of your room.

Nowadays People are learning and gaining knowledge of things which are hard to reach in their area. They are exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experiences with each other even having thousands of miles distance between them.

  • Collaboration

Social media provide students from the different institution of learning around the world a platform where they can contact each other regarding projects and assighnments.

  • Sharing Of Resources

Assuming the students where given Homework and one of them came across web pages that others might benefits from. He/she can simply tweet the site and the entire class can see it.

WhatsApp is another Social Media platform that  Students make use of to share Pdf, Voice Note and Text Messages.

  • It Gives Introvert Chance To Express Themselves:

Introvert are this set of people that are reserved, you can rarely see them talk in public. but the aid of social media is that they express themselves behind the screen without obstruction.

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What are the Cons Of Social Media On Students?

Since our Topic is Pros and Cons Of Social Media For Students. It is must look into Disadvantages of Social media on Students. More than enough exposure and access to advanced thing opens a door for negativity and Side Effects and social media have lots of them.

  • Distraction:

Students can easily be distracted from Class activities whenever they are with Phones. This i can testify to, social media is one of those things that get me distracted back then.

Thinking of those to chat with and all the social media glamour are great distraction.

  • Decrease in Low Self-Esteem:

With many life’s now being control by likes and comment, many don’t have their own opinion. They believe only in what others say about them.

Especially in this part of the world  where I am, girls will go at any length to get the likes and comment, boys and girls can do anything for the likes and comments.

  • Decrease In Productivity

Students and peoples are creative but they are also creative in doing bad things, many of them, now spend most of their free time on tweeting of post with little/no benefits to their developments, watching attracting things which are not appropriate to them (or their age) are also plays a big role to slow down there all over development.

  • Cyberbullying

It is a real danger to students and parents and Guardians need to monitor this. When anyone faces cyberbullying, they lose their confidence, trust and also the connectivity with their parents and society. It is also life-threatening some time.

  • Social Media Addiction

We Observed that Peoples are being Addicted to social media faster compared to cigarette and alcohol. We have these set of people that can’t live without social media, They are addicted to it. It is one of the common disadvantages of social media.

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So, That’s it guys for today. We will prepare one more article about the all the possible solution of all the social media disadvantages and issues. Till then goodbye and live positive. Don’t forget to share this informative article with your friends.

The article is Written by Olatinwo Dayo and edited By Sourabh Kumar.

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