List of 4 Simple Hackathon Ideas 2019

Hackathon is medium that give Techies around the world to learn, in short, it is an organized program where people Connect and learn with different talented individuals around the world/ Country. The sole reason why Hackathon are mostly organized is to provide Solution to pressing Issues in society. Today I will be sharing with you Simple Hackathon Ideas 2019 that could aid with your hackathon Project and solve problems.

Whatever your idea turns out to be, It should be centered on solving a Problem. No matter how brilliant your write Up is and No matter How energetic you are during the presentation.

You Only Stand a chance of winning when your Idea will be solving a problem.

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What is Hackathon?

According to Wikipedia:

Hackathon is a Sprint-like event in which Computer Programmers and others involved in Software development, including graphics designers, interface designers, project managers and others collaborate intensively on a Project that is gear towards solving a problem

Simple Hackathon Ideas 2019

Simple Hackathon Ideas 2019

Like I said earlier before you choose a theme/project idea for a Hackathon you need to put into consideration many things. You need to ask yourself some thought-provoking kinds of stuff and you must not be biased when answering them.

  • In what way will the Project impact the Society?
  • Is the Project Idea Feasible?
  • Can I get the Right Human Resources to implement it?
  • Will the Product of your Idea be something that users cannot do without?
  • Will the Product be Evergreen?

We have other things to look out for when it comes to Hackathon but that I would be stopping here for today. So lets dig in and get into the main reason for compiling this Post: Simple Hackathon Ideas

#1 Automatic Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System

Traffic Congestion is one of the problem Human has been facing from the time of immemorial. And it will still increase if much attention is not paid to how to control it.

If the traffic Navigation System in your area is not in order, you can make something out of it, ask people in your environment: the basics problem they face when traveling in car/walking on roads and they can as well be finding it hard to Navigate around the City.

You can come up with an application/software that provides them the real-time traffic monitoring.

It will go a long way in reducing the problem if not eliminated completely.

#2 Environmental Pollution

The world population is increasing likewise the increase in non-degradable and degradable waste.  The increase in population, especially in this part of the world, is a rising problem that many researchers are working on.

How can you solve that?  You can look for ways to build a better method through which waste can be recycled, you can do research on how to make a non-degradable product to decompose.

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#3 Medical Care

We all know people in the rural areas find it hard to get access to Medical Treatment, what if you build an apps that give them the opportunity to have a medical session with a Medical professional real time?

Another  Problem that is common in health care is people failing to show up for Medical Check Up ,  this is another problem that can be solved with technology. Applications that notify patients of their medical Schedule can be developed.

Think about, Simple Hackathon Ideas for solving Problems of Patients not Visiting Hospitals for Medical Check Up and also a Platform Where Patients can have a Live session with doctors in case of emergency.

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#4 Crowd Funding System For Start Up Owners

Having access to funds is one of the common problems Start Up around the globe do face during their initial launching stage.

You can make an online Crowd funding system where people can donate money to fund Start up base on the Information provided.

You should also know that organizing a Program like this is hard and you must have the trust of the People before they can give you money.

This kind of project can easily be implemented by an someone with authority in the field, but if you are still keen on making one as a Novice. you can find someone with authority to Put out words for you.

Apart from the 4 simple Hackathon Ideas listed above, do you know we still have Numerous Ideas that you can Implement.

As I have said, coming up with ideas should be focus on Solving Problems in the Society.

How can I get Ideas?

Getting Ideas is not a Rocket Science, Just as entrepreneur look out for Problems to solve, you must also look out for Problems facing your Community, State, Country and the World.

How To  Validate Your Hackathon Ideas

Getting Ideas and Validating are two different things, why do you think some company fold up after few months of the establishment? No Sales /Not enough profit.

Either less profit or No sales, it is all cut down to the Company not making enough research.

  • Carry out Survey
  • Carry out Experiment
  • Brainstorm
  • Do Research
  • Prepare research Papers

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Do you have anything to ask on Simple Hackathon Ideas? Let me know via The Comment Box. I will be waiting for your comments.

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