How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans Air

How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans Nearby Air :  In this Article, we will talk about Plant-Powered Air Purifier, some Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers and How They Clean indoor air.

Just a week ago something caught my eyes. It was an article about “How Technology is helping technology” in Newspaper written by Tanu S., Software consultant, Bangalore. In that article, he included  Plant-Powered Air Purifier. There was very basic detail about Plant-Powered Air Purifiers but was enough to wake up my interests in this beautiful piece of Eco-Friendly Tech Art.

How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans Air

I think The work on Natural Air purifiers really started after 2012, two years back. In these years, we have seen a significant effort and work by companies in this field. We also have seen some very effective indoor or home Air cleaner or purifiers which are able to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fine particles present in the air.  Now let’s continue to the main part of this topic that How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans our Nearby or indoor Air

How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Works?

Plant-Powered Air Purifiers basically based and work on the concept we are already familiar with, They Use the air cleaning ability of HousePlants.

” Research conducted by NASA (in the 1980s) Confirmed that houseplants work as a natural purification system for our indoor air. These houseplants purify the air by filtering out carbon dioxide, pollutants and other airborne toxins from the nearby air and they then replace these contaminants with oxygen. Some time ago a Research has been conducted by NASA on houseplant’s ability to clean air and it revealed that some houseplants work more effectively in filtering out toxins than others compared to other plants.”

How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans Air

Now In Plant-Powered Air Cleaner,  there will be a technology unit combined with a fan or air observer that directs the Nearby air to the roots of the plant to be detoxified. There the air pollutants are captured by activated carbon. Activated carbon acts here like a magnet. It holds the pollutants in place near the root microbes. After it, the root microbes, utilize the pollutants as its food-source; breaking them down and digesting them. The technology unit will also monitor the real-time toxin level, temperature, and humidity levels and adjust the work to making the air you’re breathing better for you.

What is the Need of Plant-Powered Air Purifiers in Home?

We need some Natural Air Purifiers because there are 2100 cities around the world are crossing the pollution level and are breathing in a bad environment.

If you think that pollution is only outside. then next few lines are for you,

  • The World Health Organization has recently disclosed that indoor pollution is one of the most dangerous threats to our health.
  • Some research and studies have already shown that indoor pollution is 5x higher than outdoor pollution. And most important thing is that we spend 90% of our time indoors.
  • These Days buildings and homes are becoming increasingly more sealed to reduce energy consumption. Due to it  Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a serious concern.

Pollution is everywhere and these Plant-Powered Natural Air Purifiers uses the power of plants to reduce indoor pollution.

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Best Plant Powered Air Purifiers 2019

This is not a big list, I am including some special Plant-Powered Air Purifiers only. We are providing you with some basic details which are of-course inspired by the Official information.

Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers for Home 2019

ANDREA – Plant-Based Air Purifier

Andrea is an Award winning Plant-Powered Air Purifier. After just switching it ON, a fan will direct the air to leaves and roots of the plant. The root microbes on the plant metabolize toxins, and the soil works like a traditional charcoal filter to capture even more nasty bits. Underneath the soil, a tray of water produces humidity to keeps the plant moist and traps additional toxic molecules. After all these natural air purification a vent on the side recirculates it into the room.

Andrea Plant-Powered Air Purifier 2018

According to Andrea’s own independent research team, this all natural Plant-Powered Air Purification is not only vastly superior to traditional carbon-based air filters but also more than 1,000 percent more effective at purifying air than a normal houseplant.

Source | Official Link | Buy Andrea

Clairy – Amazing Natural Air Purifier

How Best Clairy Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans Air
Source: Clairy

Clairy is a dual-part ceramic flowerpot. Inside the flowerpot, there will be a technology unit combined with a fan. the Fan directs the Nearby air to the roots of the plant to be detoxified. The technology units also have some sensors that test the quality of your Indoor air quality. The Owner will be notified about the real-time toxin level, temperature and humidity levels using built-in Wi-Fi module.

Clairy Plant-Powered Natural Air Purifier will also give you tips on how to adjust and improve the quality of your air. So as the company said on the Official Website, “Clairy: The Most Amazing Natural Air Purifier not only does Clairy help you learn of the problem- it solves it”.

Source | Official Website | Buy Clairy

NATEDE Plant-Powered Air Purifier

How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans Air
Source: NATEDE || Clairy

NATEDE Plant-Powered Air Purifier developed by Clairy. With some upgrade in design and technology, NATADE is a smart and natural air purifier. Which uses the air cleaning ability of plants to reduce indoor pollution. NATEDE uses some advanced sensors and photocatalytic filter, which never needs to be replaced. It also features a self-watering pot to hold the Air Purifier Plant. In Natade the Technology unit is based around phytoremediation.  Phytoremediation takes advantage of the ability of Plant to clean toxins from the air more effectively. The new NATEDE unit allows air to flow more freely through the plant’s roots, the process is amplified for greater efficiency.


The NATEDE also measure the current pollutant level, temperature, and humidity in the room, with the wireless technology, User can keep track of all the data and they also can adjust the Purification level.

Source | Official Website | Buy NATEDE

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That’s It for today. In this Article, we have talked about Plant-Powered Air Purifiers, 3 Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers of 2019 for Home and  How Best Plant-Powered Air Purifiers Cleans Nearby Air.  I also explained some important points for the Need of Plant-Powered Air Purifier in the home. I hope you will like this informative post related to Eco-Friendly Air-Purification technology and Gadgets. I will try to add more product but it depends upon the current availability of the products.

These Plant-Powered Air Purifiers not only Cleans indoor Air, But They Also Look Great in Home.

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