New Inventions to get Eco-Friendly Energy

This is our 3rd article in the “Eco-Friendly” category, and this time we are here with Eco-Friendly Energy. As you know that all Living organisms require available energy to stay alive, the best example is that humans get energy from food.Even The processes of Earth’s climate and ecosystem needs energy. Human civilization also requires energy to function and work and gets energy from all the energy resources such as fossil fuels, nuclear fuel, or renewable energy.

New Inventions to get Eco-Friendly Energy

From our handwatch to big planes, every technical thing needs the energy to work. We know this energy by many different names Electricity, power, voltage etc. This energy is provided by burning Fossil fuels, nuclear fuel or big turbines.Some of the methods are very harmful to our environment, Earth’s climate and ecosystem. So here we present you some of the new inventions to get Eco-Friendly Energy. I know these are very small steps or these latest inventions in science and energy are not able to provide energy on the large scale but they will definitely do this in near future.

Latest Inventions to get Eco-Friendly Energy

There are total 4 new inventions of 2017 on our list, related to Eco-Friendly Energy. These technology or inventions are currently not available for large-scale energy production or still in beta version, but they are still very valuable inventions to get Eco-friendly Energy.So here is the first one in the list,

9. Generator Harvests Natural Motion for Eco-Friendly Energy

This New invention to get Eco-Friendly Energy uses the motion of graphene sheets.It is Developed by a team from the University of Arkansas under Paul Thibado. They invented it while studying the graphene sheets in the lab, the team noticed that the graphene was rippling as its atoms vibrated in tandem due to changes in the ambient temperature in the room. And those tandem vibrations are key to using 2D materials to generate harvestable electricity. With this innovative idea in mind, Thibado has created a tiny generator called the Vibration Energy Harvester (VEH), Which is just powered by room temperature heat.


  1.  Eco-Friendly Energy.
  2. The generator is powered by room temperature heat.
  3. No Extra Pollution from the system.

Read More about this New invention to get Eco-Friendly Energy from Here:- NEW.UARK.EDU

10. NEWgenerator Turns Sewage into Eco-Friendly Energy

NEWgenerator Turns Sewage to Power
Source: University of South Florida

Yes, This new invention was also on the list of 4 Eco-Friendly Inventions to Save Earth from becoming Garbage. The NEWgenerator system is developed by the team from the University of South Florida. NEWgenerator system can recover energy, clean water, and fertilizer from sewage.This New Eco-Friendly System can be attached to existing toilet blocks to process sewage waste into three usable resources – energy, clean water, and fertilizer.

As human waste or sewage moves through the system, it is first fed into a bioreactor that breaks down the solids to produce methane for heating or electricity production. The liquid waste is passed through a fine-pore filter, which removes any remaining solid particles, and then treated with chlorine to produce water safe for crops or toilet flushes. At the end of the process, the solid waste can be recovered for fertilizer.

Government-installed Community Ablution Blocks (CABs) contain toilets, showers, and sinks. The NEWgenerator allows them to operate without being connected to the sewage system.


  1.  Energy, clean water, and fertilizer from sewage.
  2. Mostly based on Chemical Process.
  3. No Extra Pollution from the system.
  4. Wastewater Treatment and Recycle.

Read More about this New invention to get Eco-Friendly Energy from Here:-USF News

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4 More environment-FriendlyInventions to save Earth from Pollution

11. Hybrid Solar Device Could Power Hydrogen Vehicles

Flexible Salt-Powered Battery
Source: University of Califonia

Hybrid Solar Device generates hydrogen and electricity from the sun and it can offer a new source of clean fuel.Hybrid Solar Device is Developed by a team at the University of Califonia, Los Angeles (The UCLA team), The Team also hopes that the Hybrid Solar Device will help in hydrogen vehicles. Since now the owners would be able to produce their own fuel using solar energy.The Hybrid Solar Device is a combination of a supercapacitor and a hydrogen fuel cell, powered by solar energy. It also features an additional, third electrode, which is used to store energy or use it to carry out water electrolysis—separating the oxygen and hydrogen atoms.


  1. Generates Hydrogen and electricity from the sun
  2. A new source of clean fuel.
  3. Powered by solar energy
  4. No Extra Pollution from the system.

Read More about this New invention to get Eco-Friendly Energy from Here:- NEWSROOM.UCLA.EDU

12. Flexible Salt-Powered Battery for Medical Implants

Eco-friendly inventions
Source: Fudan University

The Flexible salt-powered battery is developed by a team from the Fudan University and it could open the door to a new generation of implantable medical devices.
The Flexible salt-powered battery is the new battery relies on electrolytes, which are non-toxic and safe for use in the body. Unlike current lithium-ion batteries, the flexible battery can be made in different shapes and sizes and is even said to hold a charge longer than current wearable lithium-ion batteries.


  1. Flexible and Salt-powered
  2. No Extra Pollution from the system.

Read More about this New invention to get Eco-Friendly Energy from Here:- MEDGADGET.COM

At Last, I want to Thanks

  • The UCLA team @ University of Califonia 
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Arkansas and Paul Thibado
  • Fudan University

For Your Work and effort.

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So This is just third post under the Category “Eco-Friendly” Inventions.We are still searching for More Eco-Friendly or Environment-Friendly Inventions and we will continue this work.  We will soon add more posts, Research works, and technology on We Observed here. Till then enjoy your life. But Don’t Forget that Our Planet Earth is dying day by day and we “All Humans” are responsible for this situation.Still, we have time to change this horrible situation we just have to think, start and change our habits and way to live. That’s It. Thank you For Reading guys. If you Like our post then please Share our post and also your views.

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