4 More Environment Friendly Inventions to save Earth from Pollution

4 More Environment Friendly Inventions to save Earth from Pollution

4 More Environment Friendly Inventions We Observed

I really don’t wanna repeat all those heavy sentences again but it is really true that ” We are living in a tech. savvy world. Where a new technology, Gadgets, Robots, Instruments, Cars, Bikes, Smartphones, Jets, Fabrics,  foods and Movies introducing on daily basis.These daily new innovations are known as very important things to make our life easier, And you will hardly find some very popular Eco-Friendly or Environment Friendly Inventions.”You don’t have to do research about it, even our research is enough to prove this point because, I Found These 8, just 8 Environment-Friendly Inventions after spending 3 days and after reading 270+ latest Inventions. 8 out of 270+ inventions. I hope you understood what I want to say.

“Pollution is mostly a human made disaster that badly effects Environment, Earth, and Human Also”.

Now coming back to today’s Article so  As promised we are back again with 4 More Environment Friendly Inventions to save Earth from Pollution, Under the category Eco- Friendly.But before proceeding to today’s for I want to ask something – Did you read my last article about Eco-Friendly Inventions? No? No Problem! Please Take a look at that amazing post here:- 4 Eco-Friendly Inventions to Save Earth from becoming garbage, In which we have talked about the basic thinking of the present world and what is wrong in this thinking.We also talked about 4 Eco-Friendly Inventions. Most of them were for removing Garbage and Reusing Garbage, cleaning water etc.

Environment Friendly Inventions Eco-Friendly Quotes

First, 4 Environment Friendly Inventions @ We Observed Are:-

  1. Solar-Powered Filter That can Destroys Plastics in Water
  2. NEWgenerator Turns Sewage to Power
  3. Fully Degradable Plastic from Organic Waste
  4. Storm Board Shelter Made from Waste Plastics

You can read About Them By Visiting: 4 Eco-Friendly Inventions to Save Earth from becoming garbage

Now, This post is little-bit different, In this post, there are 4 Environment Friendly inventions that will help all the Humans who really care about Earth, Environment, and Nature to Reduce Pollution.

All Remaining humans are busy in either taking selfie or applying Odd-Even Formula.

So Here are the

4 More Environment Friendly Inventions to save Earth from Pollution

In this list of for more Eco- friendly inventions, I am going to introduce 4 more latest Environment Friendly Inventions that will help us to reduce the pollution, reducing the greenhouse gases and using harmful particles in the better way.So here are the 4 more Environment Friendly inventions:-

5. Air-Ink Made from Captured Pollution

Air-Ink Environment Friendly Inventions

Air-Ink Made from Captured Pollution this Environment Friendly technology is invented by Graviky Labs and Tiger Beer. This is really cool Environment-Friendly Invention that lets artists turn the pollution into a special type of ink.

Here is the video of Air-Ink:-

The Air-Ink is collected via a proprietary device called KAAILNK and KAAILNK is developed by a team at MIT’s Media Lab. The KAALINK unit is attached to the exhaust pipe of vehicles or machinery and it captures the particulates, with 45 minutes of exhaust producing one fluid ounce of ink. The harnessed soot is processed to a purified, carbon-rich pigment that is then used to create the ink and paints.This will also reduce the pollution from the vehicles and machinery.


  1. This Eco-Friendly technology can Reduce the Pollution from the vehicle.
  2. Good Eco-Friendly Invention that is able to convert harmful pollution into ink.
  3. less Harmful particles.
  4. No extra power needed.

You can read about this new invention from Graviky.com

6.Allam Cycle Turns CO2 to Electricity

Allam Cycle Environment Friendly Inventions

The Allam Cycle system is developed/invented by Rodney Allam and finally brought to life by 8 Rivers. This Environment Friendly system will capture all of the carbon dioxide created from burning fossil fuels, and turn it into electricity.

Here is the Video:-

The system uses captured CO2, which is pressurized and held in a supercritical state-resulting in a material with the density of liquid that also expands like a gas. Cycling the CO2 will spin the turbines that power generators, in turn producing electricity.This Environment Friendly technology will reduce the pollution and in advance, it will also convert the captured CO2 into electricity.So it is really a good invention for factories and industries where the very big amount of CO2 exhaust from burning fossil fuels, in the environment.


  1. This Eco-Friendly technology can Reduce the Pollution from the environment.
  2. It can convert CO2 into Electricity.
  3. Now less Harmful particles will be not exhausted.

You can read about this new invention from 8 Rivers Website


7.Reusable Filter Removes Heavy Metals from Water

Rice univercity Filter Environment Friendly Inventions

This new Environment Friendly Reusable Filter can Remove Heavy Metals from Water. And it is invented by a team at Swansea University in collaboration with Rice University.This Reusable Filter is based on carbon nanotube filter which is able to remove 99 percent of the toxins from water.

The carbon nanotubes which is used in this filter is growing on quartz fibers by them. Those nanotubes were then chemically epoxidized, which causes the material to attract heavy metals. The filters are reusable, and the collected metal can be collected for recycling or disposal.This Reusable Filter could offer a solution to water shortages problem in the world.


  1. This Eco-Friendly technology can Reduce the Pollution from the water.
  2. It can also be used in removing harmful and toxic materials from water.
  3. Collected Metals could be Recycled and reusable.

You can read about this new invention from News.Rice.edu

8.Cooling System Sends Heat to Space

heat to space Environment Friendly Inventions
Source: Aaswath Raman

As we all know that gases which are used in Cooling system and devices are very harmful to our nature and protective OZON layer. this Environment Friendly cooling system is invented by Stanford University. This Cooling System could help reduce the energy used by air-conditioners, saving money, and resources.This is also helpful for our atmosphere and in decreasing the earth temperature.Because if we will not use the cooling gases then the Ozon layer will be not harmed, thus it will stop the harmful rays which are coming toward earth surface.

The Environment Friendly cooling system relies on the team’s radiative panels that absorb heat and send it directly into space. The cooling system was First developed in 2013, now the team has improved the technology by incorporating a practical fluid-cooling system that can mount on a rooftop and cool water to temperatures 5° to 9° F lower than the ambient air. Then This very chilled water could be used to help augment a building’s air-conditioning system, reducing power consumption.

The team has found the startup SkyCool Systems to further their work, and they all are trying to use the technology to cool data centers.


  1. This Eco-Friendly technology can Reduce the Pollution from the environment.
  2. Good for reducing Greenhouse effect and gases from Environment.
  3. Good for Ozon layer.
  4. No Water loss.
  5. It will Reduce the Energy and power consumption in cooling systems.

You can read about this new invention from SkyCool Systems

At Last, I want to Thanks

  • Stanford University
  • Swansea University
  • Rice University
  • Rodney Allam
  • MIT’s Media Lab
  • 8 Rivers
  • Graviky Labs and Tiger Beer

For their Work and these Environment Friendly Inventions.

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Environment Friendly Inventions Eco-Friendly Quotes

So This is just second post under the Category “Eco-Friendly” Inventions.We are still searching for More Eco-Friendly Environment Friendly Inventions and we will continue this work.  We will soon add more posts, Research works, and technology on We Observed here. Till then enjoy your life. But Don’t Forget that Our Planet Earth is dying day by day and we “All Humans” are responsible for this situation.Still, we have time to change this horrible situation we just have to think, start and change our habits and way to live. That’s It. Thank you For Reading guys. If you Like our post then please Share our post and also your views.

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