How to Update SU Binary Manually on Android Smartphone

Hello Friends, We are back with another tutorial to update SU binary manually. It happens many time that After Rooting Your Android Smartphone the App ‘Superuser’  requests for SU binary update, It also gives two methods to update SU binary First 0ne is Normal and Second one is Using TWRP Recovery. Some time both methods works but if you are a quite unlucky one or maybe both will not work.So I am here with all the methods to Update SU Binary.

How to Update SU binary Manually or solve SU Binary Outdated Problem

What is Superuser or SU?

Let’s start with Superuser, Superuser or su is a very powerful term in Linux. It gives the super and powerful permission to a Linux user to access and modify or making changes in the root directory of the System OS.In Linux OS we use “su” in the terminal for root permission but in android, there are some Root Managing apps which will make things more easy for the users.There is terminal emulator is also available for Android and some of the most popular Linux commands works in can easily find one in google play store for free.

Well, I also faced this problem when I was working and using Intex Aqua Power.I rooted my Intex Aqua Power after many unsuccessful attempts but after rooting, When I opened Superuser app it showed me a message to update SU binary and after that, I downloaded a flashable zip of because I have TWRP … And when I choose to update via TWRP/CWM recovery, my phone reboots into recovery and does nothing else. Luckily I was aware of the tricks and all the methods so I solved the ” SU Binary Outdated” problem with one of the following methods and today I am going to share with you all the methods to Update the Outdated SU Binary Manually.

How to Update SU binary Manually or solve SU Binary Outdated Problem

Here are 4 Methods to Update SU Binary Manually or Solve SU binary Outdated Problem:-

  1. Automatic or Normal Method
  2. Using Custom Recovery
  3. Without Custom Recovery Using Flash Gordon
  4. With Computer Using ADB and Fastboot

After listing all the methods, now I am going to explain all the methods One-By-One.


Method 1) Automatic or Normal Method to Update SU binary

  • Before Trying Any other method Try this.You can Update SU binary Easily Using following steps.
    1. OPEN SuperUser app. it will show you a message that The SU binary needs To be Updated, Continue?  click on “Continue” and then click on” Normal” on the next windows.Automatic or Normal Method to Update SU binary
    2. It will take Some time to Update the SU binary so just wait.
    3. If the process is completed successfully then a new window with the message “Installation success” will be visible.
    4. Now reboot Your Android Smart Phone.Open the superuser app if the same message ” The SU binary needs To be Updated, Continue?” appears, Try Next One. If not Appers then enjoy.

Method 2) Update SU binary Manually Using Custom Recovery

  • You can Update SU binary Manually Using following steps.Make sure Your Phone has TWRP or CWM Recovery installed.
    1. Download . and place it in Internal or sd-card memory.
    2. OPEN SuperUser app. it will show you a message that The SU binary needs To be Updated, Continue?  click on “Continue” and then click on” TWRP/CWM on the next windows.
    3. Wait until the phone booted to recovery mode.
    4. Now Click on Install and then Browse the downloaded (or /cache/ file. Flash it.

Method 3) Update SU binary Manually Using Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is an app which allows us to flash any flashable zip (except for Roms) without having a recovery installed.This method is very helpful for those smartphones which don’t have Custom Recovery.In this app, you just have to point it to the zip you want to flash, (a kernel, a mod, a gapps package, a modem, a RIL, or a recovery…) and it will interpret the updater-script of this package and install its content just like a recovery would.

  • You can Update SU binary Manually Using following steps.
    1. Download . and place it in Internal or sd-card memory.
    2. Download, Install and open the app
    3. Tap the “select a zip” button, select the built-in file explorer to select the file.
    4. Flash Gordon will first extract the zip, depending on its size it can take a little time
    5. When you press the “Flash Now” button, Flash Gordon will locate the updater-script and start translating it into shell code, line by line
    6. It will output the resulting translated bash script on your sd card and execute it, thus installing the zip’s content
    7. The app creates a notification, just tap on it to reboot. That’s It.
  • Source:, Senior Member @ XDA-Developers

Method 4) Update SU binary Manually Using ADB and Fastboot

  • In this Method to Update SU Binary Manually There is no need to install the custom recovery permanently on your device, But Still, Recovery image is Required.
    1. Download to your sd-card
    2. Download TWRP or CWM recovery image for your device to your computer(in a folder : let’s Say in Downloads Folder).
    3. Install the Android SDK . if you do not already have Android SDK or looking for a lightweight version of ADB + Fastboot (this tutorial might be useful)
    4. Open a shell / command prompt (Windows: [Windows] + [R] -> cmd -> [Enter])
    5. Go to the location where you downloaded the recovery image: cd ~/Downloads (Windows: cd %USERPROFILE%\Downloads) and Press Enter.
    6. Make sure you have enabled ADB / USB-Debugging on your device and type adb devices to test if your device is recognized
    7. Then, Enteradb reboot bootloader and Press Enter. Your phone should now boot to bootloader.
    8. On your phone, you should now see a view green lines and a red line displaying FASTBOOT USB
    9. Type fastboot devices to see if your device is listed
    10. Now to start the recovery image without Permanently installing it: type fastboot boot <name-of-recover>.img and press enter
    11. If everything works, you should now have a recovery and can flash /sdcard/ and Press Enter.
  • That it. Hope it will work. Source:- Björn Richter (x3rAx) @ Github

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So in this post, We have talked about SuperUser, SU Binary and one more Common problem of Android ” Update SU Binary Manually” and All Methods to ” Update SU Binary Manually ” or How to solve “SU binary outdated ” issue.I Hope that this post will definitely help you to solve your Problem.If you Like Our Post, then please do Share it using the following Sharing buttons.You can share your views and problem related to Android with us using the Comment Section. Thank You, And Keep Visiting.

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