Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

the Launcher is One of the most impressive ways to customize your
smartphone .Launchers changes Look & Feel of your Smartphone.It
provide tons of options Like themes,icons & UI for your handset.And
in some low end devices it helps to increase performance of your
Smartphone. Here are the Top 14 Best Home Launcher for Android
Smartphone & Tablet.The List is Based on the rating,User
experience,stability and uniqueness. So choose a better Home Screen
replacement and Share your experience With Us.
 Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive
1.Nova Launcher & Nova Launcher Prime
The highly customizable, performance driven, home
screen Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the top launcher for
modern Android, embracing full Material Design throughout.Nova Launcher
replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change
icons, layouts, animations and more.A new feature called ‘icon
normalization’ has become a
fan-favorite, and uses surprisingly complex algorithms to make sure all
your icons cover a consistent area of the screen. What this means is
that rather than simply fitting the icons within equally sized frames,
they are scaled to cover the same area, regardless of shape, making them
far more appealing to look at.
Nova Launcher Prime
Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime
• Gestures – Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps
• Unread Counts – Never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin
• Custom Drawer Groups – Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer
• Hide Apps – Keep a clean app drawer by hiding never used apps
• Icon Swipes – Set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders
• More scroll effects – Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw
Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license to unlock these features in the free Nova Launcher App. You will need to install Nova Launcher first.

 Happy Holidays from the Nova Launcher team! Enjoy the limited time holiday sale on Nova Launcher Prime!
Rating: 4.5 – ‎7,29,540 votes Price- ‎Free
Rating: 5 – ‎1,61,889 votes Price- ‎US$ 0.99

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

2.C Launcher

Launcher is a Launcher which is SPEEDY, SMART, BATTERY-SAVING and
Launcher is a highly customized launcher, featuring user-friendly
interface, minimal battery consumption, and speedy mobile searches that
protect your privacy from third parties the perfect way while offering
the ultimate personalized DIY launcher experience.C Launcher also
includes an in-built system cleaner, and thousands of themes to
customize it, or you can create your own using C Launcher’s simple
step-by-step guide.C Launcher is a simple and speedy launcher with some
nice features
 Main Features:
– Fast and simple – Find, download, and uninstall apps, themes and more from the search bar.
– Friendly interaction – Contextual launcher that delivers what you need with every single detail.
– Save battery, clean junk files, and speed up device with one tap
– Easily find what you need. Find, download, and uninstall apps all from the search bar
– Hide apps and protect your privacy with a stretching gesture that locks your Apps
– Passcode/pattern lock, IOS style lock screen.
– Application unread notification count (Address feedback)
– Smart folder automatically organizes your apps based on functions.
– Change default lock screen theme (Address feedback)
– DIY your very own theme with only 3 steps.
– Personalized greetings
Rating: 4.5 – ‎5,17,895 votes Price- ‎Free

3.Buzz Launcher

 “Buzz Launcher” is a highly customizable launcher that enables you to apply shared Home screens to your own smartphone. Buzz
is unbeatable if you want a complete new look of
your Android home screen without the effort of creating it yourself.Buzz
Launcher is an ad-free custom launcher. It has more than 800,000+ free
themes !You will
need to download the additional Buzz Widget app to get the most from it.
With Buzz Launcher, you can:
• Customize so much more than just your wallpaper or theme.
• Change between multiple smooth, fast, and easy Transition effects.
• Apply new home screens at a touch of a button, instantly!
• Personalize your homescreen with robust icon, wallpaper editing features
• Download and implement completely free homescreens within 5 seconds!

• Share home screens with a single touch via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!
• Explore unique widget features such as clock, date, and battery
• Create your own customized widget using Buzz Custom Widget (Free)!
• Show your Homepacks to your friends
• View all Homepacks in a glance NOW:

Rating: 4.5 – ‎188,124 votes Price- ‎Free

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

4.GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper

GO Launcher is a
stylish, smart & slim system for your Android phone. The 2015 brand
new version “GO Launcher Z’ provides 365-day updated themes & HD
wallpapers to decorate your screen, and abundant widgets, gestures &
tools to make your ideal phone. Its previous version “GO Launcher EX”
ranked as NO.1 launcher in Google Play with over 200 million users!
Stylish: Decorate every corner of your screen with updated themes & wallpapers. Get them from theme store!
Smart: Insert your brain into the phone with tools, widgets & gestures;
Slim: 4M APK to enhance phone performance.
Highlight features:
APPs management: Hide & Lock APPs to protect phone security;
Store: Theme store & APP center brings you fashion & fun;
Transition Effect: XX effects available, magic every slide!

Rating: 4.5 – ‎56,61,014 votes Price- ‎Free

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

  5.APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher, a light-weight and intelligent Android Launcher, is
the flagship product of the APUS User System, which delivers an
intuitive user experience to 250 million users worldwide. It anticipates
your need and surpasses your expectations. APUS
is currently one of the most popular launchers on Android, largely
thanks to its gorgeous Pinko theme. This launcher combines themes,
custom icons, and some APUS own-brand features to make it one of the
most comprehensive launchers to date. It’s free, so you should
definitely check this one out; APUS’ animations are top-notch. The APUS
Launcher is feature-packed and tightly designed.

APUS Launcher Features:
● Cleans and boosts RAM in one tap so you can switch between games, apps and messages faster than ever.
● Conveniently locate apps, which are automatically sorted by category or usage.
● Search the web, fun apps/games, and find apps in your phone or tablet right from the home screen.
● Discover trending apps nearby in real-time.
● Change a friend’s wallpaper by changing your own. Share and connect with the world.
● Set new breathtaking HD wallpapers for your home screen.
Share your favorite wallpapers through Photo Story with APUS users
● Download new themes for free from our regularly updated gallery. Customize your home screen.
● Find all your apps listed in one folder. Easily search for your apps by alphabetical order.
● Wind Chime swings to remind you of important calendar events and hot news.
● Swipe right to the Free Swipe tab to quickly open a menu of recently-used apps and your device’s system settings.
● Read trending news or search the web with just a swipe right on the home screen.
● Browse the App Market effortlessly, find hot and interesting apps with a simpler layout.
● APUS’ digital toolbox is filled with an assortment of
useful widgets: booster, flashlight, calculator, notepad, and more.
● Customize the way you flip between screens with Transition effects.
● Extend your device’s battery life and monitor battery usage.

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive


6.Next Launcher

Launcher is a gorgeous launcher packed with dynamic effects and 3D
elements.Next Launcher 3D Shell shows you how 3D dynamic effects and
customizable Android home screen replacement app could redefine your
Android device. Time to get rid of the flat traditional launcher and
embrace REAL 3D Launcher! All the best features aren’t free, as
with most launchers, but the wow-factor of the Premium version is worth
the cost. If you want a hi-tech, attention grabbing launcher on your
phone, try the free version out and see if you can resist upgrading.
Key Features
– Extremely fancy 3D effect with buttery smooth experience
– Real 3D Home Screen Transition Effects (Crystal, Cloth, Folding and more coming soon)
– Stunning 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching
– Build unique icon style by changing its size, angle, style and label (Icon Editor)
– Combine all good parts from different themes into a single theme you really love (Theme Mix Mode)
– Efficient and powerful batch apps management with gestures
– Up to 8 different gestures available in home screen and app drawer
– See how cool your phone could be by blowing all the icons and the widgets to air space (Floating Mode)
– Enhanced shining border effects for home screen transition
– Up to 7 rows on dock to shortcut all your favorites
– Keep releasing 3D Next widgets, 3D themes and live wallpapers special designed by GO Launcher Dev Team

Rating: 4.5 – ‎47,220 votes Price- ‎US$ 16.99

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

7.Solo Launcher

over 100 million users worldwide, Solo Launcher is one of the very
popular Launchers in the category on Google Play.It does have some sweet
animations, and it’s lighter on bundled apps and
widgets than most launchers we encounter. It has some neat gesture
functions, such as makinga simple upward swipe on the home screen to
perform a search, but it doesn’t significantly change the way your
device works. It’s a simple, subtle alteration that could even go
unnoticed, and this is its greatest strength.With its array of DIY
features, the launcher enables you to customize the user interface on a
device so it works in the way you want. It takes up only a small amount
of space yet it can boost device performance by restoring
memory,run smoothly, and more fun to use.

Solo Launcher Highlights
►Everything you want to know can be found here.
►Make your device fast as lightning.
►Make it super easy to use your device.
►Set your photos as icons, with various effects to choose from.
►Thousands of beautiful themes and wallpapers are available for free.

Rating: 4.5 – ‎2,765,832 votes Price- ‎Free

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

8.Smart Launcher 3

up your device with Smart Launcher 3. The innovative launcher
that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized.Smart Launcher
3 is completely different from any other launcher on Play Store. It’s
not based on the AOSP launcher. Smart Launcher really turns things
inside out. Instead of neat rows and
boxes, Smart Launcher gives you rings of the most commonly used apps and
vertical cascades of categorized apps.

Low resource requirements, save RAM and battery
– Material design
– Quick access to your favorite apps
Double tap on an icon to start a second app
– Your apps list is automatically sorted by categories
– Search bar for quick search in apps, contacts and web
Notifications on homescreen
– Turn off the screen with a double tap or just by leaving your device on a flat surface
Integrated lockscreen with notifications
Highly personalizable. Tons of themes and lockscreen, support for almost all iconpack
– Plugin architecture. You can download and enable only the features you want
Security: You can hide apps from the apps grid and protect them with password
– Optimized to be comfortably used both in portrait and landscape mode
– Runs on almost every Android device. Runs on phone, tablet and Google TV
Community driven development.

Rating: 4.5 – ‎431,017 votes Price- ‎Free
Rating: 4.5 – ‎31,812 votes Price- ‎$3.90

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

9.Line Launcher

dodol Launcher has changed brand name to LINE Launcher, and it just got better! You
can Change your phone perfectly stylish with 3000+ classy and trendy
themes(wallpaper+icons) & be always connected to LINE Friends on
your phone!You can meet about 100 new wallpapers every day!Add awesome
stickers on your home screen as you like, and make your home screen
creative.It isn’t a complete reworking of the Android system, but it is a
lightweight, effective launcher, and it won’t destroy your battery life
with crazy effects and animations. It’s another less-is-more kind of
launcher, and could be a great place to start if you’re new to Android

Rating: 4.5 – ‎517,774 votes Price- ‎Free

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

10.Hola Launcher

Personalize your device with this small, light-weight, and easy-to-use alternative to your default home launcher. Hola
Launcher is only 3MB large, making it quick to download and easy to
install. They have designed it to minimize its memory usage (resource
footprint) so your phone stays fast and responsive, while providing the
most important features people need. At the same time, we’ve focused on a
clean and simple user experience that you can further customize with
beautiful themes and wallpapers.

★ Get 10,000 elegant, high-definition icons to set your device apart from the rest.

An all-new Clock and Weather widget not only whimsically displays a
week’s worth of weather information but also lets you add multiple
cities so you can keep track of the weather around the world.
★ Swipe to the far left and browse the latest high-quality news and content in Holazine.
★ Swipe down and search both the internet and your installed apps with an upgraded, faster, and more convenient Search.
★ Have Hola Launcher automatically delight you with a new, free, and gorgeous wallpaper each day so every day is different from the one before.

Rating: 4.5 – ‎22,68,102 votes Price- ‎Free

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Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

11.Action Launcher 3

Launcher 3 replaces your homescreen with a colorful,
customizable and speedy app you’ll quickly learn to love.This Launcher
has fully embraced Android Lollipop, and works brilliantly with devices
that have received the coveted update. One of its best features is a
bar, similar to the Windows Start Menu, that pops up on the left side of
your screen, and lets you launch your favorite apps without having them
cluttering up your home screen. You can completely customize your All
Apps list, as well as tweak the layout, icons and colors to your heart’s

Standout features include:
• Quicktheme: marvel as the colors from your wallpaper are used to automatically customize and theme items on your home screen!
• Quickbar: customize the Google search bar at the top of the screen with shortcuts and apps of your choosing.
• Covers:
an innovative take on traditional folders. Tapping a Cover loads an
app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have customized.
• Shutters: swipe a shortcut to reveal an app’s widget. Allows you to say preview your inbox or Facebook feed without opening the app.
• Quickdrawer: An A to Z list of all your apps. Of course you can hide apps you don’t want to see all the time also.
• Use icon packs, scale icons, change app icons, rename apps and much more.
• Full phone, phablet and tablet support.

Rating: 4 – ‎47,039 votes Price- ‎Free

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

12.Apex Launcher

MakeUseOf said Apex Launcher is a
“Fantastic app that has the potential to give your phone a complete
makeover. I highly recommend it.”

Apex Launcher is realy one of the most popular custom launchers
available right now. It offers near-endless customization options,
complete home screen and app drawer control, gesture settings, and tons
of icons, themes, launch animations and transition effects. There’s also
a paid version, which adds even more features to the already-formidable
free launcher.
Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your Android (4.0+) device
• Customizable homescreen grid size and up to 9 homescreens
• Scrollable dock with up to 7 icons per page and up to 5 pages
• Infinite & elastic scrolling (homescreen, drawer and dock)
• Fancy transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)
• Hide elements as you want (persistent search bar, status bar, or even the dock)
• Customizable icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
• Choose different folder preview styles and background
• Multiple drawer styles (transparent/opaque, horizontal/vertical, paginated/continuous)
• Drawer apps sorting (title, install date, mostly used)
• Hide apps from the drawer
• Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
• Enjoy homescreen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down, double tap)
• Advanced theme engine (icon packs, skins, etc.)
• Backup/restore settings and data
• Optimized for both phones and tablets
• Lots of other customization options!
Rating: 4.5 – ‎2,04,114 votes Price- ‎Free

Rating: 4.5 – ‎17,454 votes, Price- ‎US$ 3.99

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

13.Holo Launcher

Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable home replacement, based on KitKat Launcher.Not like other launchers, Holo Launcher can run on Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Bean.This launcher does not only
change the appearance of the interface, of course, but also includes
other features, as well. For starters,Holo Launcher lets you customize
your desktop with up to nine pages with a grid of ten by ten.The dock of
the interface is completely customizable, too, and lets you scroll, so
you can put up to seven icons on each of the three pages.Other features
allow you to set up shortcuts, like sliding your finger up and down to
open an application,
Basic Features:
– Full ICS Style: ICS Icons, Folders, Outlines, Drawer Tabs, etc.
– Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9 desktop pages and 10 x 10 grid.
– Custom Drawer Portrait/landscape Grid
– Scrollable Dock: Up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.
– Infinite Scrolling
– Gestures: Swipe up/down on desktop to launch apps quickly.
– Customizable shortcut/folder icons
– Customizable icon label color
– Apply icon packs, support ADW icon pack and Launcherpro icon pack.
– Desktop Previews: Pinch to access desktop previews.
– Backup and Restore: Backup and restore your settings and shortcuts.
– Other Customization Options: Keep in memory, home key action, hide apps in drawer, hide labels, etc.

Rating: 4.5 – ‎70,153 votes Price- ‎Free
Rating: 4.5 – ‎30,378 votes Price- ‎Free

Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive

14.Z Launcher

From Nokia, a re-imagined way to use your Android. Adapts to you. Launches anything in one second.
the day, Nokia Z Launcher is learning how you use your phone and
promoting your favorite apps so you can get to them faster. The more you
use it, the better it gets.Nokia Z launcher Beta now supports devices running Android 4.1
and higher. This now includes all Nokia X range of devices, as Nokia X
and brethren came with Android 4.1.2 while Nokia X2runs Android 4.3.
Nokia Z Launcher now also supports rooted devices.

*Scribble – Scribble a letter to find what you want
*Launch – Apps, contacts, or websites
*Adapt – It learns to promote the right stuff at the right time

Rating: 4 – ‎21,316 votes Price- ‎Free

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We hope that Our post “Top 14 Best Home Launcher To Make Your Android Homescreen Impressive”will
help you to choose a Launcher of your choice which fulfill your
requirements.The List is Based on the rating,User experience,stability
and uniqueness.If you need faster,low RAM Eater Launcher then Holo
Launcher,Hola Launcher and apex Launcher will be best for You and If You
Need Unique Style then Smart Launcher 3, Next Launcher,and Action
Launcher Will be best Choice for You but If You Want Fully Customized
Home Screen with Beautiful theme Icons then Go launcher,C Launcher,Buzz
Launcher will be Better Choice For You.If I missed Something or you have
a better suggestion then Feel Free To Comment and Share.
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