How To Fix App That isn’t Working In Android

Step by Step Guide To Fix App That isn’t Working In Android

Step by Step Guide To Fix App That isn't Working In Android


A few days ago I got a Message from a follower on The Facebook page of We Observed that In her android Smartphone the Setting apps and all google apps are not working after Update and she is regularly getting the error messages and system notification some of them are-
“App XYZ.apk is not working Correctly “
“Unfortunately, XYZ has stopped”
“Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped”
“Unfortunately, Google play service has stopped”
We suggested some tips and solution to her at that time and also got an idea to write a very detailed Step by Step guide where we will explain every single step, method, and way to Fix Any App That isn’t Working in Android. 
After Research and surfing on many websites we have found that This type of problem (The app is not working) occur mostly after updating the Android version of Smartphone but in some cases, it occurs after the software update and after making any changes in the system.
  • Why “App is not working” problem Occurs?
Above are some reasons and due to them, this type of problem occurs.And most of them are related to System or App Update.As I already stated that I am posting here after many kinds of research and surfing on many blogs and website I have observed that in most of the cases the problem is fixed without any issue and without bricking their devices.So I have collected all information and methods to Fix App That isn’t Working in Android and posting here.

  • How to Fix App That isn’t Working On Android?
Now after explaining the problem, the reason I am explaining all the steps to fix this problem. Just try all the steps one-by-one and after every attempt check that the app is working or not if working then congratulate otherwise proceed to the next steps to fix it I am posting two type of solution, First, one is official (Common) and make sure to follow this one before attempting second one(ultimate).The second one is riskier than first one.
“Read All steps carefully then follow the steps.”

Step 1:-Decide “Which type of App is Not Working”?

If you are an experienced Android User means you are using smartphone for many years then you know very well that there are two types of apps are available on your smartphone-
  1. All 3rd party Apps –your phone will run without them.You can uninstall them, Easily available on play store.ex. Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,battery booster,Quickpick,etc..
  2. System apps – without them your smartphone will not run, You cant uninstall them without root permission and they are pre-loaded in every phone.EX.-Settings, Android System, Dialer, EM SIM ME Lock,etc..

Step 2:-Decide “Which type of Problem you are facing”?

And on the basis of Types of Apps we can also divide the problem into two types:-

  1. 3rd party Apps are not working (Lower Risk)
  2. System Apps are Not Working (Higher risk)

Step 3:-Common Solution to Fix App That isn’t Working In Android 

These are some Official and Non-Risky steps to “Fix App That isn’t Working In Android” (for both type of Problem).You can found them on every corner of net so these are very common.Whit these steps You can Fix 3rd party Apps That isn’t Working In Android but these are equally very effective in both type of problems.
  1. Rotate the device-Some apps only works either in Landscape mode or in portrait mode.So rotate the Device
  2. Force Stop that app-Go to Settings > Apps > All > Go to the desired app and click on Force Stop.
  3. Clear cache – Go to Settings > Apps > All >  Go to the desired app and click on the Clear cache.
  4. Clear data – Go to Settings > Apps > All >  Go to the desired app and click on Clear App Data.
  5.  Restart the device
  6. uninstall and re-install that app
  7. If Nothing Works for you from above Go to the nearest service center.they will charge you some penny(If not in warranty) and they will solve it.(Time-3 – 15 days minimum)

Step 4:- Ultimate solution to Fix App That isn’t Working In Android

In this step we are giving some ultimate solution and these are not very popular but when we followed these steps we got good success rate and fixed some very serious System Apps That isn’t Working In Android smartphone.So if you are a risk taker then Follow these on your own risk and Fix System Apps That isn’t Working In Android.So these Steps are very effective with Type 2 Problem where the System Apps are not working and the Settings apps is not opening/working. These are also very effective in those cases when this problem occurs after the system update.
###These steps are little bit risky so make sure that you want to follow these steps .and Do it on your own risk we will be not responsible for any brick and damage.### 
  1. Download 9apps or mobogenie app and update all apps.
  2. Install any cleaner and clean cache and app data.
  3. Root your smartphone and uninstall those crappy apps and again install the latest version and compatible version of that app. You can Root your phone with this guide-Everything about Rooting
  4. After rooting Install and Rood Browser and Root explorer(7 Best All in One File Explorer and Manager apps ) and Delete the app data manually by going through   Root Directory> Data > Data > App’s Folder >and delete all files from the folder then restart your device.
  5. If nothing works for you till now After rooting Install and Rood Browser and Root explorer( 7 Best All in One File Explorer and Manager apps  ) and replace those apps with their supported and compatible version of same app > restart Your device.
  6. If you are still getting same notification then make a backup of your data and Format Your system .
  7. This is the last step and follow this if and only if nothing works for you from above all steps-Update Your smartphone again but this time manually with our this post-How to Flash or Manually Upgrade Your Smartphone
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I hope after reading Step by Step Guide about How To Fix App That isn’t Working In Android? and Following all above steps one-by-one carefully you will definitely Fix Apps That isn’t Working In Android. i tried my best to explain about the problem and their solution.Just try one by one and after every attempt check that the app is working or not if working then congratulate otherwise proceed to the next step.
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