Multitasking in Android Device with Floating Apps

Multitasking in android with Floating Apps

 Multitasking in android  We Observed
Today i am going to  tell you about Multitasking on Android Devices with Floating Apps.Multitasking is very Useful and cool feature on Windows and other os.
Multitasking gives the ability to do more then one task at same time.
So if you don’t know about it then read what wikipedia say about Multitasking:-
Multitasking:- Multitasking is a concept of performing multiple tasks or processes over a certain period of time by executing them on currently. New tasks start and interrupt already started ones before they have reached completion, instead of executing the tasks sequentially so each started task needs to reach its end before a new one is started. As a result, a computer executes segments of multiple tasks in an interleaved manner, while the tasks share common processing resources such as central processing units(CPUs) and main memory.

❖Floating Apps

 Multiwindows with Floating Apps

Floating Apps is a collection of 31 floating apps.With the help of Floating apps you can do more then one task at a same time like watch a
movie while surfing web, chat with friends while playing games, create
your own floating apps from widgets and much more! Floating App is the largest and most advanced collection of floating apps available on
Google Play,only one allowing you to create your own floating apps from widgets and URLs! and experience real multitasking on your Android phone or
tablet with floating windows.Each floating app is a small application that opens in a window and floats over all other applications allowing real multitasking on your android phone or tablet.It works on Rooted And Unrooted Devices.

 Multitasking in android with Floating Apps
❉ All Floating Apps

Floating Applications

Floating Active windows
Floating Add bookmark
Floating Add contact
Floating Add note
Floating Bookmarks
Floating Browser
Floating Calculator
Floating Contact list
Floating Countdown
Floating Dialer
Floating Facebook
Floating File browser
Floating Flashlight
Floating Google plus
Floating Image viewer
Floating Launcher
Floating Music player (NEW)
Floating Notes
Floating PDF viewer (NEW)
Floating Search Google
Floating Search Wikipedia
Floating Stopwatch
Floating System information (NEW)
Floating Task Killer
Floating Translate
Floating Twitter
Floating Video player
Floating Vimeo (NEW)
Floating Wifi manager 
Floating Youtube (NEW)
Or create your own floating apps from home screen widgets or URLs!
Supported languages: EN, CZ
visit for help and answers

Rating: 4  ‎3,950 votes Price- ‎Free
Rating: 4  ‎1,438 votes Price- ‎$1.99

How To Use:-

Download it from given links and install it in your Android Device.Open it,all available Floating apps are listed there(as picture above) then open another floating app and experience multitasking like on your Windows
or Mac. Move, resize, maximize, minimize and use floating windows and do
not leave current application for a small task’s exactly
what the floating app is here for! It’s like multi views / multi
windows on Samsung phones but for any Android.

                             Multitasking in android with Floating Apps 
In Above picture, there are 3 screenshots are combined ,On the Top, Status bar exists with floating apps Icon, this is a shortcut of all available apps tap on it then a collection of Apps will appears in which all floating app are available (with favorites). At bottom left i am using Floating Browser(1),calculater(2)  & video player(3).and at Bottom Right i am using Floating Music player(1) ,Floating video Player (2), Floating Browser(3) & Opera browser (4) in this is clear that we can do multitasking in android.So Just Open many apps and Enjoy Multitasking in your Android Device.

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