How To Root Swipe 3D Life+ Tablet

Swipe 3d life+ tablet is good in this price range.and It Has many features but we can use some additional Features of Android after Root Swipe 3D Life+ Tablet and get Root permission.There are 3-4 tablets with the similar name and Brand, on online Match the product first My Tab’s name is Swipe 3D Life+ HDMI Tablet>match>Root>Enjoy.

Rooting Apps which failed to Root Swipe 3D Life+ Tablet

Here is a list of all of the rooting tools I have already tested and confirmed not working:

  1. Framaroot
  2. Towelroot
  3. SRS Root
  4. Root Unlocker
  5. MTK Droid Tools
  6. Recovery method

Root Swipe 3d life+ tablet easily

How to root swipe 3d life+ tablet

I Used Kingo Root 1.3.5 it Works for me and I rooted this Tablet Easily within 5 minutes. Today I am going to show you how to Root Swipe 3d life+ tablet easily with Kingo Root.Details, Features, and step by step guide with the screenshot is given below.So Root Your Tablet And Unlock Additional Features of it.

If you want to Read More about Android Rooting visit Here Everything about Rooting 

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Root Swipe 3d life+ tablet Using Kingo Root

Kingo Root is totally free and easiest Android rooting tool. KingoRoot works with almost every android device. Plus you can un-root / remove root with kingo android unroot function. Latest Kingo root is compatible with all Android versions and devices.Kingo Root 1.3.5 is the latest available. Which have better stability and compatible over Android Lollipop root & greater compatibility over android devices you can download through the link given below(Kingoapp website’ home page)
  1. Requirements:-
    1. A windows Pc/lappy with an Internet connection.
    2. Android Tablet must by >70% charged
    3. Kingo Root
    4. USB Data cable
    5. Must Enabled USB DEBUGGINGin your Tablet.(You can find this option in Settings>Developer options)
    6. Root Checker
  • STEPS:-
  1. Make a complete backup using your stock Recovery before attempting all the process.
  2. Make everything ready and connect your device to your PC through data cable.
  3. Download Kingo Root.exe and install it on your PC.
  4. Connect your Android Smart Phone and PC through USB Data Cable.
  5. Run Kingo root.exe from your desktop.
  6. First, it will show “Not Connected“message but then It will automatically download and Install all required drivers and files so just wait.
    How to root swipe 3d life+ hdmi tablet easily
  7. After Successful installation of Drivers, A new message will be visible “Connecting
  8. After Everything completed “ROOT” button will be visible on the windows just click on it.
  9. Allow USB DEBUGGING on your Smart Phone. Kingo Root App will be Installed and launched in your Smart Phone automatically.
    How to root swipe 3d life+ hdmi tablet easily
  10. Now in your PC Kingo root tool will download some required files and scripts and it will take some time to root your device so just wait and watch.
  11. After everything completed, new windows will be opened with the message of “Root succeed” in your PC and also in Kingo Root App.
    how to root swipe 3d life +hdmi tablet easily
  12. Now in your Android Smart Phone a new app”Super SU” will be available (if not then reboot and check) OPEN IT. but the SU binary needs to be Update so click on “Continue” and then click on” Normal” on the next windows.
    How to root swipe 3d life + hdmi tablet
  13.  Some time will be taken to Update the SU binary so just wait.
  14. If the process is completed successfully then a new window with the message “Installation success” will be visible.
  15. Now reboot Your Android Smart Phone.
  16. Confirm the Root Access with Root checker or any other app and enjoy.
Hope Our Post On How To Root Swipe 3d life+ TABLET helped you to Gain the Root Access on your android device.
*DISCLAIMER: Above method is working and having good success  but do it at your own risk we are not responsible for any damage or brick** *I am just a blogger so all credit goes to the original, respected developers of Kingo Root and their website*

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  2. You are great and awesome
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