How To Make Cheap Chassis for Robotics vehicle and Projects

How To Make Cheap Home Made Chassis for Robotics vehicle and Projects



There are Many Chassis Available in the Local and Online Market and ofcource many of them are awesome and well designed.But many of them are also costly.
You can found And Buy Some of them readymade chassis from Amazon and Through following links


But i have a better idea Which will definitely save some money and it will also give a new life to some old junks.And Your saved money can be used in some more Today i am going to show you that How To Make a Cheap Home Made Chassis for Robotics vehicle and Projects from Junk.This can be Easily Used with any type of motor (DC, Servo,BO) and vehicle Projects.
How To Make Cheap Home Made Chassis for Robotics vehicle and Projects

Planning & Design of a Robotic vehicle Chassis:-

 Basically Robotics Vehicle Chassis is Combination and Arrangement of Motors,Wheels & Connecting Wires on a Bord or flat Metallic Piece.You can observe the very basic design of a chassis By the help of following diagrams .

Requirements to make a Cheap Robot Chassis:-

  1. For Base I used a flat part of Old DVD drive’s case.but if you don’t have a old DVD Drive than use any wooden or metallic piece.The Piece have to be light weighted and in rectangular or circular shape.( Don’t waste a new DVD drive for It).
  2. Motors-You Can use any Motors DC,Servo or Bo Depends on your needs.
  3. Wheels-2 Normal Wheels and 1 Coaster wheel-You can buy it Hot Deals On Wheels at Amazon
  4. Motor Holders- I used 2 plastic Wire/Pipe Holder i purchased it from local market and in case if you don’t find a similar holders then you can use any holder but make sure that the motors fits in it.You can also use wooden or metallic piece for it.
  5. Nut Bolts & washers- i used 3 cm longer and .4cm radios nuts.
  6. Drill Machine & Drill bits To make all holes If You don’t have than use Hammer and Nail (fastener) thicker than nut.
  7. Marker.
  8. Some Wires.
  9. Screw Driver.
  10. Piler.
  11. Soldering Iron.

Steps to make a Cheap Robot Chassis:-

As i already said in the above lines that When Choosing a Holder Make Sure that the Motor Fits in the holder so keep it in mind.You can understand all the steps by watching the attached pictures.

Step 1) My holder has Two Part First Part is flat and 2nd part is having curve on it and both are attached with 2 nuts.So I used First Part For Servo Motor and 2nd Part for DC or BO Motors.So Separate These Parts by opening both Nuts With Screw driver.

 Step 2) To Make The Base of Robot Chassis Open the screws of the CD/ DVD Drive and take a flatter plate of the case.
 Step 3) Choose good side for Back wheels.and mark the holes for nut by putting the holder on their places on the base.
Step 4) Make One More Hole at the middle of the base To Pass the Motor Wires to Up Side.
Step 5) Now attach the holder with the base by using Nut,bolt & washer with the help of  screw driver and piler.
Step 6) For front wheel use a Coaster wheel so Mark and Drill the holes for it at the front side(see the Picture in Planning And Design Part).
Step 7) Attach the Coaster Wheel on it.


So now the Basic structure of the Robot Chassis is Ready but a chassis is incomplete without motor and wheel.So the next step is…
Step 8) Insert the motors in the holder and tight the bolts of the holders.
Step 9) Solder wires on DC Motor and Pass the Wires’s Second end by the hole which We did in step 4.
Step 10) Attach Wheels with the motors.
So Now a Cheap Chassis is ready for Robotics vehicle and Projects.So Enjoy all robotics Vehicle based Projects on it.
In the Below Picture You can see that i made 3 types of Chassis the structure and design is same for all so follow all the above steps and make your own chassis.
Option 1)We made it with above steps and requirements.
Option 2)It is For Servo motor.
              I just used 2nd part of the Wire/Pipe holder for it otherwise the steps and Requirements are Same .
Option 3) I replaced wire Holder with a Table leg Fixer and as expected all steps and Requirements are same.
Now Finally You can see some Projects in the Pictures which are based on the Arduino and on the same chassis which we made with the above Guide.
So I Hope the Above Guide will Help you to Make a Cheap Chassis for Robotics vehicle and Projects.In the Next Post i will Explain you Some Robotics Vehicle Projects.
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