Get Ready for the Official launch of Google Home in Italy

Google Home and Google Home mini are not yet available in Italy, but according to some news and indications We will see Google Home in Italy very soon and Its first indication came only a few days ago when the support for the Italian language had arrived on the smart speaker from Google.Google is not yet officially announced that the Google Home Now Supports the Italian Language Or when will Google Home Arrive in Italy. We expect that it will happen very soon.So in this Post, we will talk about Google Home with Italian language Support.Its Updated features and all the languages It Supports.

launch of Google Home in Italy

Google Home in Italy

Google Home is a  smart speaker with Google Assistant, developed by Google. The first Google Home Smart speaker was released in the United States in November 2016, with subsequent releases globally throughout 2017 and now it will be available soon in Italy too.Google Home Smart speakers enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Assistant.Google Home’s internal hardware is similar to second-generation Chromecast Including the same ARM processor and Wi-Fi chip.

Multi-user supported Google Home can distinguish up to six people by voice.It has a large number of services integrated which allows users to listen to music, receive news updates entirely by voice, add reminders and calendar appointments, and control playback of Multimedia. Google Home Smart speaker has integrated support for home automation so users can control smart home appliances with their voice.

Google Home supported Languages: including the Italian Language

launch of Google Home in Italy italian language
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It is being said that You can use the Google Home to translate text to any language supported by Google Translate. Google Assistant will become multilingual because it will support over 30 languages by year-end. Till then here is the list of all the supported language after including the Italian Language.

  • Deutch (Deutschland)
  • German (Germany) (Mini)
  • English in 4 accents and locations (UK, USA, Canada and Australia)
  • Canadian French
  • French French
  • Japanese (Japan)
  • Italiano (Italy)

How to activate and Use Google Home in the Italian language?

You can Activate and Google Home in the Italian Language using easy steps:

  • First of All, open the Google application,
  • Now open the last tab and click on Settings.
  • Then click on Settings under the Google Assistant
  • Now scroll to Devices and find your previously configured Google Home.
  • Select it and then change the Language of the assistant.If you have more than one Smart Speakers, you will be asked’ to change it for all devices’.

Is there any problem reported in Google Home with the Italian language?

Yes, There are many Bugs or Problems but it will be fixed before the Official launch of Google Home in Italy.

Italian-based website Smartworld tested it, and they said “Recognition of different voices does work, though home automation control, routines, and shortcuts are all absent. Some basic home automation functions, like turning on the lights, do work if the sentence is spoken in English, though the response is in Italian. ”

Features of Google Home:

  1. Various forms of both in-house and third-party services are integrated.
  2. Voice commands to control interaction.
  3. An intelligent personal assistant, Google Assistant.
  4. Google Home can handle different grammatical structures and syntax for the same question.
  5. Google Home allows us to speak naturally without us having to learn its own language
  6. It is able to engage in two-way conversations with users.
  7. Google Home can recognize up to six different voices,
  8. it’s Cast supported it means that you can send video to a Google Chromecast
  9. Google Home supports hands-free calling.
  10. Google Home supports Bluetooth audio streaming through compatible devices like phones, tablets, and computers,
  11. It is also able to schedule calendar appointments, with upcoming support for reminders.
  12. Google Home can process data and information from all six different accounts depending on who’s talking.
  13. Supported services with Google Home:
Videos and Photos
Google Photos
For tasks
Google Calendar
Google Keep
For news updates
The Wall Street Journal
For audio
Google Play Music

Google Home in Italy: Google Assistant

Google Home in Italy We Observed

Google Home is Powered by imaginatively named Google Assistant. The device supports multiple users, using voice recognition so that you can get a tailored calendar and route information.Google Assistant is completely based on Google’s overall architecture and This gives the Google Home more Advantages.You can access the information on every device where Google Assistant is installed. So You can make a shopping list using Google Home and the Assistant will remember you on your Phone.Powered By Google so you can you can ask for directions or traffic reports to anywhere, with the results being pulled from Google Maps.Google Home can handle different grammatical structures and syntax for the same question.Google Home allows us to speak naturally without us having to learn its own language.It is able to engage in two-way conversations with users based on Google’s own natural language processing algorithm.Google Home can recognize up to six different voices.Google Assistant become multilingual because it will support over 30 languages by year-end.

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Conclusion: Google Home in Italy 

So in this New Age of Smart Speaker, Google Home is unique and powered by Voice based personal Assistant. Google Home Is expected to launch very soon in Italy. and With this launch, Italy will become the seventh country where the Google Home is available in. However, at present time, it does work for those who’ve imported Google Home in Italy So either import Google home in Italy or just Keep patience if you want to buy an official Google Home with Italian Language support. I hope you will like this Post “Get Ready for the Official launch of Google Home in Italy ” and If you have any Suggestion and advise feel free to use the comment section. Keep Visiting and Sharing.

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