What To Know About Downloading Torrents

We don’t support piracy and torrents are not the symbol of piracy.Yes, You heard it Right The torrent protocol is just a transmission means for users to download files more easily and Not all torrents are illegal. Only those torrents that come with or protected by a copyright certificate are illegal for downloading and sharing.

As You know recently Some torrents sites and file hosting sites were blocked to stop piracy.And the reason behind this is The government doesn’t want you to download anything for free which would have cost you something. Basically, it is intended to stop piracy as it hurts the revenue of the concerned company and of course to the government as tax.

What To Know About Downloading Torrents We ObservedI know after reading this you will ask that Why we are going to talk about Torrents and ‘Why I am  going to share the methods to Download torrents Anonymously?’ So let me clear this confusion, First of all talking about the torrents is not illegal until now. and second thing is that I am sharing the method to download anonymously because Not every torrent is illegal. Only those that come with or protected by copyright certificate are illegal for downloading and sharing. And there are a large number of legal torrents available on the internet.So you can still use torrents and best torrent sites to download non Copyrighted things but you have to go completely anonymous online or use one of the tricks from our next post. till then  Let’s focus on the torrents.Before Knowing about methods to Download Torrents Anonymously, We Will Talk About:

  • What is Torrent and .torrent Files?
  • How Does Torrent work?
  • Why Are Torrents so popular?
  • is Torrenting illegal?
  • Why Do You need to Download Torrents Anonymously?
  • And in the next post, we will talk about Methods to Download Torrents Anonymously?

So first of all, Let’s know about,

What is Torrent and torrent File?

The torrent protocol is just a transmission means for users to download files more easily.To download the actual file through this transmission you need the .torrent file and a Torrent cilent.Torrent files are normally a small file with the extension .torrent. A torrent file does not contain the original content, but it contains information like File data, cryptographic hash values, network locations of trackers. File Data like their names, sizes, folder structure, and cryptographic hash values for verifying file’s completeness and the network locations of trackers, which are actually computers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient distribution groups called swarms.

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How Does Torrent work?

Basically, a torrent file is created to represent a file to be shared. The tinny torrent file only acts as the connecting element to initiating downloading of the actual content. If Someone interested in receiving the shared file or folder. He will first receive the corresponding very small .torrent file, either by the Torrent sites or by using a magnet link. The user then opens that small file in any Torrent client, and then the torrents client will automate the rest of the process. It will locate the locations of peers which may be pieces of sharing, Then the Torrent client connects to the trackers, Which are named in the torrent file. Then the Torrent client connects directly to these peers to request pieces of files and otherwise participate in a swarm. hence the torrent works.

Why Are Torrents so popular?

  • Torrents always give higher hasslefree download speed.
  • Torrents allow us to pause, stop and resume downloads anytime.
  • You can set bandwidth limits in the torrent application which will use for downloading and uploading data.
  • You can also set queue limit to download simultaneously.
  • Searchin and Finding files on torrents are very easy and a hassle-free task.
  • Download sites usually keep links operating for only a few weeks, So Links Expire very quickly but on the other hand Torrents will be always available for download so you can always get the file even it’s not available on the direct downloading sites.
  • Being free and easy to use are strong points in its favor.

What To Know About Downloading Torrents We Observed

Is Torrenting illegal?

According to Tania Kiara, Online Security Expert “This is a question of legality”. and After doing Some research, I found that:

  1. Every country has its own legal framework with respect to the implementation of copyright laws. If you reside in a country where torrenting is illegal, then You have to “Download Torrents Anonymously” and being Anonymous is a must for you!
    • Australia (the Data Retention Law), the United Kingdom (New Net Neutrality Laws), the United States (CISPA Law), are planning to have a codified legal mechanism to counter the threat posed by online pirates.
    • Sweden, Luxemburg, Norway, etc. have strict anti-piracy laws already in place.
  2. It may be the case of the country based law of piracy and use of the internet that torrenting is illegal in a certain country, while in another country, that same torrent client is absolutely legal.
  3. Using torrent client software is not illegal. But sharing a pirated or copyrighted content using that software is illegal in many countries, including India.

After the result of our quick research, We can say that “It is the content that makes the act illegal not the protocol and Not every torrent is illegal and equal to piracy. Only those torrent that are protected by copyright certificate are illegal for downloading and sharing. And there are a large number of legal torrents available on the internet.

Why Do we need to Download Torrents Anonymously?

  1. Because Everyone loves Free items (Movie, Software, Music, Games and other files) and You can easily found almost every paid digital file for free via torrents file.
  2. If you are downloading copyright or illegal stuff, then you should definitely download them anonymously in order to keep your identity safe online.
  3. Downloading Copyrighted (Not By You)  items via torrent is illegal.So Download them anonymously in order to keep your identity safe online is the better way.
  4. Not every torrent is illegal and equal to piracy.And there are a large number of legal and illegal torrents available.And there is not a certain way to define which torrent is illegal and which is not.So why play such a highly risky game, just Be safe and Download Torrents Anonymously.

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The present time is a little bit hard for all those People or youngsters who love Free things, due to some bans and changes in laws.But torrent is not only about Pirated thing, it is also a very fast medium for sharing files directly through Peer-to-peer connection. That’s why after all the Bans, Country Restriction, and laws torrent still remains quite popular on the internet. After knowing this thing Some Bans were lifted after some days. But Piracy and sharing and download pirated things from torrent sites are still illegal.So keep yourself safe and use torrent, not for illegal things and act but with some security and safety.If you like this post please share with your friends and if you want to share some information about Torrents Please feel free to use the comment section.One question I want to ask from all We Observed’s  followers and readers.

“Do you want to know about All the Methods to download torrents Anonymously?”

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