How to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android

The present time is a little bit hard for all those People or youngsters who love Free things, This situation occurs due to some bans and changes in laws of internet uses and privacy over the internet.In this month we have talked about Torrents, VPN and proxy and methods to download torrents anonymously on Computer. Now it is time to show you some methods to download Torrents Anonymously on Android.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android


We are talking and showing methods for torrenting and downloading files over torrents because “Torrents are not only about Pirated things, it is also a very fast medium for sharing files directly through Peer-to-peer connection. That’s why after all the Bans, Country Restriction, and laws torrent still remains quite popular on the internet”.

But Piracy, sharing and download pirated things from torrent sites are still illegal.So keep yourself safe and use these methods to Download Torrents Anonymously.

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Steps to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android

Without wasting your valuable time here is the summarised steps to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android. I will explain them one by one just after this list of steps.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android

  1. Choose your android torrent app
  2. Choose method to go anonymous on Android (VPN or Proxy)
  3. Configure your Proxy or VPN
  4. Verify your IP is hidden or not


Step 1. Choose your android torrenting app

There are some excellent Android torrenting apps, which are excellent to search and download torrents. There are some of the best and most popular torrents clients for Android is listed below but out of these three Flud and tTorrent are currently the only 2 apps with Anonymous Proxy Support on Android Smartphone.

  1.  Flud
  2.  tTorrent,
  3.  aTorrent

Step 2. Choose method to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android

Now, This is the hardest step because you have to Choose a method to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android and it will cost you a little bit. Before choosing a VPN or Proxy to anonymous torrenting on Android, I want to tell you that Each has its own advantages as shown below.


  • Powerful Encryption
  • Works with all Android Torrent App
  • Slower than proxy
  • Routes all data through VPN
  • Torrent IP same as web browser IP address
  • 1 Click VPN app
  • If VPN disconnects, torrent IP may be exposed


  • No Encryption
  • Torrent app must have proxy support
  • Faster than VPN
  • Routes torrent traffic separate from other data
  • Different Torrent IP
  • Manual setup in Android torrent app
  • Torrent IP will not be exposed If proxy disconnects

Some Tips:-

  • Since Using proxy services for your android torrents takes a couple extra steps and a bit more manual configuration (and there are only two torrent apps), most users will be better off starting with a VPN.
  • Mobile VPN connections are quite stable and fast when connected to a wifi network. 
  • Some VPN providers provide a Kill-Switch feature into their mobile VPN Apps, which prevents data from being transmitted unencrypted if your VPN drops.
  • Each VPN provider normally has their own VPN app on the Play Store. Some might only be available on the VPN provider’s website.
  • You can also use a proxy and VPN simultaneously (Private Internet Access VPN)for maximum protection.  
  • The Best Proxy and VPN provider Apps for Android Smartphone

    Paid Proxy and VPN

    Free Proxy and VPN

    1. OrBot
    2. Turbo VPN
    3. BetterNet
    4. VPN Monster

    Problems with Free Proxy and VPN 


So choose a perfect Proxy or VPN Provider and move to next step.

Step 3. Configure your Proxy or VPN to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android

  1. Method to Configure the Proxy in Android Torrenting Apps
    1. There are currently only 2 Android torrent apps compatible with the proxy setup. These are Flud, and tTorrent (step 1). You must use one of these (free) apps to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android using Proxy.
    2. Using a proxy to Download Torrents Anonymously on Android requires a couple of extra steps. That’s why we will suggest you an awesome article ‘Step-by-step guide to using an anonymous proxy for Android Torrents‘.
  2. Method to Configure the VPN in Android Torrenting Apps
    1. Download the Android App for whichever VPN you subscribe to (From Step 2)
    2. Open the app.
    3. Enter your login/password info ( From Website)
    4. Choose a server location
    5. Click connect. That’s it!

Method 2 is much easier and simple, It also has stronger encryption, it also makes switching servers much simpler too, so if your phone is running Android 4.0 or higher, VPN is the best option.

Step 4. Verify your IP is hidden or not before Download Torrents Anonymously on Android

This step is very important because if your activity and data will be not protected then torrenting is risky. So make sure to follow this step before torrentig on android.

Verify that your Android IP Address is Changed before Download Torrents Anonymously on Android:

  • Proxy users 
  • VPN users 
    1. Disconnect from the VPN
    2. Now Go to or using your Android device.
    3. Remember or note down  your IP address,
    4. Connect to the VPN
    5. Now Refresh the page on IPmonkey or IPLocation and make sure your IP address has been changed
    6. Congratulations, you’re Android data and activity is now encrypted and anonymous and you can download torrents anonymously on Android smartphone!

Flud and tTorrent

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The conclusion of this post is that We can still use torrents and best torrent sites to download nonCopyrighted or Copyrighted by you things, but when you are downloading, Searching, Browsing any free torrents or  Copyrighted item you have to protect your identity or you have to be anonymous. So this post is all about the method to download torrents anonymously on Android smartphone. If you like this post please share with your friends and if you want to share some information about Torrents Please feel free to use the comment section.

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