10 Useful Android tips and tricks-Every New User should know about

10 useful Android tips and tricks -Every New User Should know about

10 useful Android tips and tricks you should know about

As you know Android is the most widely used and customizable mobile OS.
Millions of apps, Updates, Roms, Stability, User friendly UI and also
its price makes it most popular Smartphone OS.
If you’ve just bought a new Android Smartphone,then here are some very useful tips and tricks you should know to use your lovable new device.Most of these tips and tricks are meant for new users,but I’m quite sure that even long time Android os users have either forgotten or aren’t using few of them actively.The reason for compiling these tips and tricks is to get you to incorporate them in your daily work flow so that you use your device more efficiently (and spend less time  using them).If you need help with any particular tip,I’ve included links and screenshots wherever available to our step-by-step guides which will provide more details.
 So Here are some of the top tricks and tips for getting most from your android smartphone.
01.Enable Developer options 
First thing first , you’ll need to enable access to the hidden “Developer options” menu on your Android phone. To do that, simply tap the “About phone” option in Settings. Then tap “Build number” four to seven times and you’re done. Now  just back out to the main Settings menu and you’ll find Developer options just above the “About phone” option in Settings.
02.How to Turn Off Auto-Correction

Hate the fact that when you are typing and text which is not a correct word (not in dictionary) or you are using short form of words and the word you typed is changed automatically ? then this will definitely help you so just Turn off auto-correction.and enjoy typing,chatting and texting in your own style…..
  1. Go to Settings > Language & input.
  2. Tap on the settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using, e.g. Android Keyboard.
  3. Find Auto-correction and tap on it.
  4. Select Off to turn auto-correction off.
 03.Hide private files without any security app or locker
if you have some very private files in your phone and you want to hide them from others. then this trick will definitly help you.
  • Method 1) Install Root explorer or any other free 3rd party file manager and Create a new file with name “.nomedia” (only “.nomedia ” nothing before and nothing after it)and paste it in desired folder where all required files are exist and restart your device.it will hide all media from gallery or media apps not from file manager.
  • How to Unhide:-Just delete .nomedia file and restart your smartphone.
  • Method 2) Add a “dot” (.) before the name of the folder. for example if you have private media in the folder “Picture” then just simply rename it to “.Picture” .No reboot and 3rd party app required..with the help of this trick you can hide all media from everywhere even from file manager.
  • How to Unhide:- Go to File manager app>options>and tap on show hidden files.and remove dot from the folder name>restart. 
04.Take a screenshot 
be surprised that  how many people don’t know how to do this simple and
very easy trick. It’s as easy as pressing the power button and volume
down button at the same time.The screenshot will be saved in your memory
card in Pictures>Screenshot folder .

05.Disable App Notifications 
10 useful Android tips and tricks you should know about Disable App Notifications
notifications drain your phone’s battery so if not required then turn
them off, but make sure you are on Jelly Bean 4.1 and above because this
option is only available on Jelly Bean 4.1 and above .
here’s the steps:
  • Method 1)Go to Settings>Apps>All>your desired app>Untick Show Notifications >OK.
  • Method 2) Tap On
    any of your unwanted notifications in your notification bar,long press
    on the notification for a message App Info.Just Tap on App Info>
    Untick Show Notifications>OK. done

06.Turn off or reduce animations
Here’s a tip on how to make your Android device run a bit smoother and faster disable its animations. You will need to have access to Developer Options which can be found under Settings or About device.Tap the new
Developer options menu you just enabled and scroll until you see the
following three settings (note that they may be located within an
“Advanced” subsection):

  • Window animation scale 
  • Transition animation scale 
  •  Animator animation scale
 By default, all the three
options is set to “1x” but tapping them and changing them to “.5x”(or off) will definitely speed up your Android Smartphone. This tweak forces the device
to speed up all transition animations, and the entire user experience is
faster and smoother as a result.

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07.Changing Default Apps

If you have already set some default apps for particular tasks (e.g. using Chrome for opening web links) but wish to change this:

1.Go toSettings>Apps.
2.Swipe right and look for the All tab.
3.Select the app you want to remove as default.
4.Tap onClear defaults.
08.Disable automatic App Updates

You can also Disable Automatic Apps Update . To disable your automatic app updates. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Play Store and head over to Settings.
  2. Tap on Auto-update apps. 
  3. Choose Do not auto-update apps.
If you want to enable the auto updates,then just  follow the same path and choose Auto-update apps at any time or via Wi-Fi.
09.Set Mobile Data Limit
10 useful Android tips and tricks you should know about
If you have ICS and above, there is a feature by which you can set mobile limit data or just keep track of how much of the quota you have left.
  1. Go to Settings> Data Usage.
  2. Set your data limit by dragging the orange line to reflect your monthly quota.
  3. Set your data usage cycle based on when your “month” starts and ends.
and you’re done.You will be alerted once you hit the limit you have set. Note that 
The data will be automatically disabled when you reaches the fixed data limit.

10.Increase battery life with just a wallpaper and some simple system settings 
Some small steps makes a big difference and this old saying can be proved here I know that your battery is used by more than just display, so results
will be dependent on your phone usage and other
variables, but it is still going to save you something worth saving.
Many people don’t know that the wallpaper color(+Brightness & darkness) you choose can  make a difference on the battery life of your Smartphone.
Read the related article of “Androidpit” here
Androidpit Explained that:- “Pure black wallpaper, or a dark-colored background in general, can actually save a significant amount of battery life.”

So select a Pure Black or  a dark colored Background as a wallpaper.and enable the Power saving mode, turn off auto-brightness and see how great the battery savings are.

At last i tried to Explain Top “10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks -Every New User Should Know About” in this post and i hope that it will definitely helps you to make Android Experience better.Do
you have any other tips,tricks and tweeks?If answer is yes then share
with us and others and make the Android Experience even more better…

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